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When life hands you coffee stains, make balloons

I love the Broncos. I love coffee. Sadly, I spilled coffee on my Broncos zip-up sweatshirt.

Other than the stains it's in great shape. Rather than get rid of the sweatshirt, I decided to rescue it with some patches.

Here's what it looked like with the sad, sad coffee stains:

I am not a gifted coffee drinker :(

Broncos fabric is available at Joann's - I had some on hand from another project.

I cut out a couple of shapes and grabbed some of my embroidery thread. I used 2 strands and stitched a hem stitch, but you could do any kind of fun stitch. I really love my Cross Stitcher's Bible by Jane Greenoff for the stitch library. Tons of ideas.

5280 Magazine for December 2015 is all about Denver craft coffee. I'm all about covering the craft coffee stains.

Fly, fly away coffee stains!


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