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Mixed Plaid Quilt

My dad told me not to mix plaids. So, of course I do.

I found a free Craftsy class online, 2015 Summer Block of the Month with Kimberly Einmo. It was great to spread this out over 6 months. This is what the blocks look like before quilt assembly:

And here's what it looks like put together:

I think I'll make the backing out of the plaid shirt scraps - here's the rough layout of that (plus kids playing, cat was a snow day in Denver today):

And here's the rough straight-line quilting plan. I thought about wavy lines in the center and then decided not. I think I'll use a multi-color thread.

And last, the binding. I made this last July when the class started. Its made from each of the plaids.

Cheers to a snowy finish to the 2015 Summer Block of the Month!

...well, almost finish, anyway....


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