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Class Quilt Project

My daughter's class is going to help me make a quilt! They don't know it yet, but I'm sure they'll be happy when they see the sweet little owls they get to make (owls are the school mascot).

I'm going to base the quilt on a metal tree sculpture at the school:

My daughter and I made some test owls with my stash fabric & scraps over the holiday break. Here's how those turned out:

The owls are loosely based on our school mascot and also a quilt I found online by Barabooboo.

The quilt will feature the Spring 2015 Picnic collection from Melody Miller that I bought from Westwood Acres. Here's what those look like:

So far, I've made the tree, Woodgrain fabric on Sprinkle, purchased from Hawthorne Threads.

I also bought yardage from the Picnic collection from Hawthorne for the backing. I chose Enamal Fowers in Navy, Apples in Navy, Picnic Basket in Blue and Rose Garden in Mustard. I love those roses in mustard...fabulous!

Here's the tree so far:

Next up: get the kids to cut out all these owls - they get to pick one of three fabrics for the body & wings (wings optional), a belly spot (optional), a beak (I had some Tula Pink Henna in Mustard leftover from another project for the beaks) and eyes. For the eyes (Kona Cotton in Snow and straight up Black for the pupils), they can pick if they want whole or half and then arrange how they want. If they have wings, they can pick if they want them down, out to the side or up. I let my daughter go ahead and make her's at home.

Here's how that turned out (I'll do the stitching when I attach it to the tree). Also made the "teacher" on the swing (Rose Garden in Neutral), though she looks mad:

I've got all the parts in baggies and now need to arrange a time with the teacher to come in and have the kids start cutting!

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