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I'm at a point in making this quilt where I think it will work.

Here's how I'm making it. It's tedious, but I think the end result will be worth it.

Here's my stack of cut triangles. I will need to cut more...

My triangle cutter creates a flat top and that helps when sewing them together - bias edge to bias edge. Whole lotta bias going on, but that's politics! Hahahaha?

First, I lay out the triangles in order according to my map. I have to do this so I don't get them mixed up. I also use my ruler (on the right in photo below) to help me see which row I'm working on. In this photo, I'm working on row 10. That's one row! My table isn't long enough to lay them out in one long row, so it's broken up into 3 and about 1/3, going left to right.

Starting at the top, I put the triangles in groups of two to sew. I lay them on my ruler so that I can carry them all, in order, to my machine and chain stitch them. When I'm done chain stitching, I end up with the top set first so it's easier to lay them all out again and repeat this process after I press the seams to one side.

So, this process repeats. Here's where the tedium sets in:

And, again:

You get the idea. This blog post is becoming about as tedious as the process of sewing these triangles. Eventually, I end up with one long row of triangles:

Next, I stitch it to the row that came before it, in this case, row 9. Here they are all pinned up and ready to stitch. I nest the seams, so if the first row of seams are all pressed up, I press the next down, and that helps to get nice points.

After I get all the rows paired, I'll start to sew those together in pairs, and so on, repeat, until a giant quilt emerges. Here's what the first paired 10 rows look like:

Only 44 more rows to go. Wheeeeeeeeee!!!

#Quilt #Labyrinth

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