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I made a Moss Skirt!

I bought my pattern online at Grainline Studio and taped together the .pdf version.

With my black fabric and red lining, it ended up looking like a tuxedo for chicks. I have no idea when I'll wear this, but it fits OK and I liked making it.

I picked a vintage button from Grams, my paternal grandmother that kept everything, plus leftover black Kona cotton from the UPark Quilt, some Type by Julia Rothman that I bought once for no reason and some red satin-type fabric I found in my stash from probably 15 years ago:

pile o' mossskirt

Rookie mistake. When cutting the yoke, the fabric was folded (as directed), but because I chose a print with letters, the opposite side is upside down. Fortunately, it's not that noticeable on the final skirt:


I used a red satin lining because I like a surprising peep of brightness:


I love how this looks, all ready to be a tuxedo-y skirt:


More red lining peeps:


Here's how the back turned out. That upside down text blends just fine:

And, here's the final, all filtered up:


I need to work on my backgrounds, like no lingerie bags hanging down over the trash (right) and heaters (bottom) and embroidery hoops (left). Next time.

That was a nice distraction. Now, back to my regularly scheduled program of a Labyrinth Quilt.


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