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Quilting Surgeon

Happy 4th of July!

Quilting is like surgery and I'm the surgeon! How? I've made a handy list:

1) Just look at this photo:

Quilting the center is like a surgery spotlight shining down on a living brain!

2) I had to break my arm and then reset it in order to fit this thing in my machine. That's some full-on Orthopedic science right there for you.

3) Surgeons are self-important because they're helping people, probably saving their lives, but maybe just making their nose look nice. I'm self-important because I'm creating art for the people.

4) Surgeons wear gloves when they surgeon. I wear gloves, Machinger to be exact, when I surgeon.

5) Surgeons need a big table to lay out their patients. I need a big table to lay out my quilt, especially when quilting the outer edge:

I'm guessing back in the olden times surgeons operated on their family dining room tables, which is another similarity here because this is my grandparent's dining room table on top of IKEA shelves, an idea I found on Pinterest, which is where I'm sure surgeons get creative operating ideas.

6) Surgeons snip threads, at least they do a lot in TV versions of surgery, which is the extent of my surgery training. I snip threads. I do.

7) I guess one big difference is there's no blood involved.

8) I did, however, pull a muscle in my back from standing in the same position for too long - sewing related injury!

9) I never eat when I quilt and I know I've seen surgeons eating a sandwich during surgery, dropping crumbs in bodies (again, TV study).

10) My cat's name is Milhaus.

11) It's summer!

So, there you go - a bunch of ways that surgery is like quilting, or quilting is like surgery. Enjoy!

Note: I hope to be done with this surgery sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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