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#MakeDoQuilt Challenge from Sherri Lynn Wood

I decided to try Sherri Lynn Wood's #MakeDoQuilt Challenge to use items I already have to make a quilt. I'm excited to see what happens with this!

In 2015 I made the Craftsy 2015 Block of the Month quilt by Kimberly Einmo. I didn't want to buy new, so I bought men's plaid shirts at my local thrift store in approximately the color schemes suggested. Here's my post about that process.

I think I've used roughly 20 men's shirts for various projects over the last couple of years, including a sundress for my daughter. That many shirts nets a fair amount of fabric, much of which I still use for things here and there.

I was never sure what to do with all the collars, cuffs and button/hole strips. What to do with all these clunky pieces?

I shoved them in the fishbowl of the future. Then, Sherri Lynn Wood created a challenge & I have my answer!

I pulled them out of the fishbowl and laid it all out. Here's what I have:

I took that pile in the upper left corner in the photo above and sewed them together with a zigzag stitch in the photo below. The pieces are all at least double thickness, so I don't think I'll have any traditional seams:

I don't know what I'll do with that. Maybe use it and the cuffs for the back?

I'm messing around with the collars and the strips of buttons and buttonholes. Here's what that looks like so far:

That's all I have so far. I bought Sherri Lynn Wood's book about improv quilting awhile back and decided to open it up for advice. I read a part about anxiety not being an emotion but a reaction to emotions. I love the idea of hanging on to curiosity over fear about where this is headed.

Thank you Sherri Lynn Wood for creating this challenge - great timing!

#MakeDoQuilt #Recycle

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