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#MakeDoQuilt Ring Around the Collar

I started out making this quilt by connecting the collars (see this post for more info) with button strips, sans buttons:

I quickly realized all of the buttons were going to break needles, so removed them all and they filled an empty Altoids tin:

I used those to "quilt" the quilt, sort of a tie-quilt, only with buttons, in the shape of a ring. After I took the buttons off, there were little tufts of thread where they had been. I left the tufts...I like the way they look.

Here's the quilt all stitched together, also using the buttonhole strips, with two long cuts to create a wide center strip:

Here's the strip, flipped:

And here are two strips of leftover Roman shade lining (double thickness) to break up all the color:

For the batting, I frankensteined together leftover strips from other projects:

As I mentioned above, I "quilted" the quilt with buttons arranged in a ring. I hand-stitched them on, buttons on both sides, eye-balling the circle quarter by quarter:

I used leftover variegated thread from my Kimberly Einmo quilt to sew on the buttons:

And used more leftover shirt material to make the binding:

Behold! Ring Around the Collar. A heap of scraps otherwise destined for the landfill, saved by the grace of Sherri Lynn Wood and her #MakeDoQuilt Challenge. So grateful for her motivation & inspiration:

The back, using scraps and cuffs:

#MakeDoQuilt #Recycle

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