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Asymmetrical Expanding Diamond Quilt

A teacher at my kid's school asked me to make a quilt for her son who is turning 21 soon. I'm super excited to make this quilt for her and her son!

Here's the pattern I found for free online from Robert Kaufman:

The size of this pattern is about 42" x 52" which is a little smaller than what she asked for, so I expanded the pattern to create a quilt about 58" x 79". Here's my rough draft pattern from an excel spreadsheet:

Where each finished half square triangle (HST) is 5.25". The colors are green and black because she asked for green and black bandana fabric. Here's the stacks of squares, soon to be HST's:

And here are the rows before I connected them:

And here's the finished top before quilting:

I did basic straight line quilting following the lines of the expanding diamond. She asked for an octopus pattern on back, so here's what the final looks like:

All done!

#quilt #AsymmetricalDiamond

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