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Thrift Store Coat with Studs

About a year ago, I wanted a red coat. Not wanting to spend much, I decided to check out my local thrift store for options. I found a nice red wool coat, very basic.

While the wool part was lovely, the buttons were red plastic and cheap looking. So, I knew I would replace those.

Before I changed anything, though, I went walking one day with a friend. As we were leaving my alley, I saw a woman across the street with a similar red coat, only she was a petite little grey haired gal. I immediately wondered if I had unwittingly entered the land of little old lady red coats.

So, in an effort to update the coat and not be old, I added studs. I used two bags, purchased at my local JoAnn's. Also found the buttons at JoAnn's. Here's the final result:

And here's the back:

So, now I'm a little old lady with a studly red coat.

#Clothing #Recycle

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