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Sophia's T-shirt Quilt

This quilt is for my daughter, Sophia. I made one for my son, Liam, when he was done with 5th grade, and now it's Sophia's turn. I quilted it stright-line, but I made the back a maze:

She chose Frolic in Plum from the House of Hoppington Collection by Violet Craft. Here's the back label:

I have quilts handed down from my dad's side of the family that don't have labels and I'm left wondering, "who made this?" Not to mention the books I've seen with examples of collector quilts made by "unknown."

I seriously doubt any of my quilts will make it into a book, but at least my descendants will know who made them. Every quilter should put their name on their work.

Next up? I'm learning English Paper Piecing (EPP). Probably another pillow....coming soon!

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