Newspaper Bag Tote!

Buzzfeed has a great video on how to upcycle plastic bags into tote bags. You can watch it here:

We're old, so we still get the paper. I decided to use our newspaper bags (rather than grocery bags in the video) to make a tote bag.

I followed the same basic instructions in the video, except for the box bottom, I think this video provides good instruction:

(I didn't buy Sherri's tool - I just matched up the seams and measured out 2.5" and sewed my line. Sorry Sherri).

I used red thread as a contrast to the neutral bag color, using the serger to edge the sides of the straps. I guess when it wears out I'll recycle it in one of those plastic bag recycle bins in front of King Soopers.

Here's the final result:

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