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Roy G. Biv and the Quilted Pillows Project

I'm thinking about starting up an Etsy store. I have no idea what I'm doing.

I love to make quilts, but they are quite time consuming, so it's fun to make a part of a quilt and then turn it into a pillow. That way it doesn't take forever to complete a project.

Since I'm still studying color, I thought I'd make the same pillow with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet. Except indigo. That's really dark blue (depending on who you ask and where you look and probably lots of other things I don't understand) and because I have lots of pink, I'll be replacing indigo with pink. So, really it's Roy G. Bpv.

Here's the red one:

It's a pillow sham for easy cleaning, so here's the back:

And here are the beginnings of the O:

Yes - that's a Jen Kingwell book in the background. The center of these pillows is her design, and then I square it up with strips of fabric.

I had mentioned in my last post about finishing binding for a group charity quilt. Here's how that turned out:

I love how it turned out. I'm afraid to ask what it sold for. Hopefully more than $10.

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