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Updated: May 23, 2019

I've had some people ask about how a t-shirt quilt gets made, so here's the rundown on my process. There are an infinite number of ways to put a quilt together and I'm not keen on saying one way is better than another. It's really a matter of personal choice.

So, here's how I work it:

You email me or see me on my daily walk and say, "Hey Amy, can you make me a t-shirt quilt?" and I'm all, "yes, yes I can!"

After you check out some of my work on my DONE! page, you may be wondering how much it will cost. Here's my pricing sheet:

Pricing Sheet

What size quilt do you want? Check out my pricing sheet to see standard sizes. If you want a different size, I can probably accommodate you. Just email me:

Do you know what fabric you want to use? If not, do you want me to find some choices for you? There are so many different kinds of fabric! The fabric will cover the back of your quilt, make a border if you want one, and also make the binding. I'll use scraps from your t-shirts to fill in on the front of the quilt, or I can use other fabric you choose. If you want to browse fabric on-line, or Hawthorne Threads are great places to find fabric. Kona Solids are great to work with. You can also take a stroll through your local fabric store. But, if fabric shopping bores you, I'll send you some options based on your favorite colors and interests.

How will it be quilted? I straight-line quilt on my domestic home machine. I also work with local long arm quilters if you would like a certain pattern (I'll have to get a custom quote, but there's no markup for me, just the cost of long arm quilting). Additionally, if you have a long arm quilter you'd like to use, I'm always happy to work with new people.

How many t-shirts do you have? If you have 13, your quilt will be smaller and if you have 50, your quilt will be bigger. If you want a border, you'll need fewer shirts than with no border. Please see the pricing sheet above.

How should I prepare my shirts? Please wash them beforehand and do not cut your shirts before sending them to me (but if you already have cut them up, I can usually fix it). If there are areas of your shirts that you do not want included, please use blue painters tape to put an x over the unwanted graphics. If there are stains on the t-shirts, I don't attempt to remove them (oh, the memories....right?!?!?). If there are any little holes in the shirts, I'll either zig zag over them with a similar color thread or hand stitch them closed so that they don't expand any larger.

Once you send me your t-shirts, I will start cutting them up. I will balance the different colors of your shirts throughout the quilt and will send you a draft before I start sewing them together.

I use Warm & Natural cotton batting.

I will make the binding from the fabric of your choice & attach it by machine on front, hand stitch to back. I also make a binding with a flange that is machine stitched to the quilt.

I use a non-toxic fabric stabilizer (starch) to make the t-shirts easier to work with rather than interfacing. This results in a much softer quilt. However, if you have a particularly old, thin t-shirt, I may use a lightweight, sheer interfacing so that the shirt doesn't fall apart.

It takes 4-6 weeks from the time I receive your t-shirts to make your quilt unless otherwise noted.

I work in a non-smoking household with a non-smoking cat, Hobbes. Here she is all curled up her bench:

So, stop hoarding your shirts and let me sew them up into something you'll use and love forever! Think of all the empty storage space you'll have available to fill up with other treasures! Email me now at Let's do this!

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