Making Stuff

I've been making stuff! Here's what I've been up to:

Sold stuff for the first time at an outdoor farmer's market in my neighborhood. As my good friend said after she bought something and was walking away, "I hope you sell something to somebody you don't know!" Me, too. Me, too.

Here's a photo of my booth (er, tent):

I sold a few bags and hotpads. I don't know how anyone makes a living doing this.

Next up, some Mondo bags for Steve. He works at the YMCA and I made these for his office managers. I used the YMCA logo colors (Bella Solids by Moda) and I love these bags. I hope the office managers do, too.

And last up is another memory quilt for Mia. I also really love how this turned out:

And now I'm going to make some more Christmas gifts for people. Happy Holidays!

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