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Pet Pillows

I decided to try something new and make a pillow for Erin. She takes amazing photos of her dog Zeus and one of them in particular inspired me.

Here's how it went together, starting with Erin's photo:

Photo by Erin Homburger (@erhomburger on Instagram). Used with permission.

From there, I picked a bunch of different colors of fabric that looked close to the photo. I used Moda fabrics. Here's the stack of fabrics, sort of like a pile of paint:

I put together a blocked background and then used the photo to create Zeus in detail. Here's part of that progression:

I had a problem with perspective, so had to chop Zeus' body off. It just looked weird and small.

Here's the final cover, except I may add some quilting to the blue/green areas. I don't know, might just leave it alone. It'll be a 20" x 20" pillow:

And here's the photo and pillow side by side:

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