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Face Masks

I started making masks mid March, 2020 and so far have made 307 and donated or given away 94, so around 30%. Most people pay around $5 per mask, some more, some less. There are two sizes, adult and kid, though I wouldn't let little kids wear these because I use ties rather than elastic around the ear. I find the elastic pulls on my ears uncomfortably.

My purpose is to provide masks at a low cost so that the surgical grade masks will be available to healthcare providers. With that goal in mind, I'm working on creating a store on my website just for masks. So far, I haven't been able to create any inventory, they go out as soon as they're made. But, I'm working on it.

If New York is any indication for what's coming to Denver and other cities, we're all going to be wearing masks for quite some time. Cuomo recently required everyone in public wear masks.

Word of mouth has been the best way for me to get these out. So, tell everyone you know. The best way to reach me is by Facebook Messenger @sewamyruth or email at Let me know how many masks you want & where to mail them. I don't ask for money up front, but I'll send you a note with the masks with my Venmo and PayPal info so you can pay me if you're in a position to do so. And if you're not, then use them and stay healthy!

Update to the Update: It just occurred to me that people might like to know what color fabric I'll be using. Here's what's on my cutting table or I can accommodate general color ranges:

Blueberries in Green

Blueberries in Blue

This is the style of mask. There's a space for a filter.

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