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Just a Gal Sewing Masks in my Basement

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Making a mask is not complicated, no matter what anyone says. I just taught two moody teens how to make them. You can make them, too. I can't teach you though, I almost murdered the two moody teens trying to teach them. Just search up on the Google, "how to make a mask."

I realize not everyone has the time, inclination, ability, resources, privilege, etc. to make a mask, which is why I offer them for $7.50 each in my online shop. I'm covering my costs and using the extra to make masks to donate (so far to, to DPS Food Service, friends, family and randos that reach out on the internet (aka new friends!)).

These are high quality masks that take time to make. Like, if I work at it, I can make 10 a day. But, seriously, things have slowed down and I make probably 10 every two days. Plus, now my two moody teens think they want to make more (why? is there no time for me? no, there is not).

Here's my research file, all available and open to the public and waiting to be read:

I'm not trying to be glib, but $25 for a mask is overpriced. You can get the same thing for much, much cheaper and just as nicely made.

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