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T-Shirt Quilts Made in Denver!

Hi. I'm Amy. I sew things. Mostly t-shirt quilts.

Before you hire someone to make a t-shirt quilt for you or a loved one, check out the following links to make sure you're informed with your decision:

Check out my work on the "DONE" tab.

Check out frequently asked questions about my quilts, including pricing.

I'm focused on the local Denver area and surrounding suburbs. I'll consult with you in person on what you're looking for, so there are no shipping charges.

I'll keep you involved every step of the way regarding layout, color schemes, quilting design and fabric choices.

You could make your own t-shirt quilt, but read my post about that first so you know what you're in for).

Here's a quilt I made from some family shirts, sort of a shared history quilt. It's 64" x 76"and it's quilted by local and award winning longarm quilter, Debra Bingham. The cost of edge to edge longarm quilting is included in my pricing and I work with a variety of local longarm quilters.

So, what are you going to do with all of your old t-shirts? Let them keep rotting in a box in the basement as moth food? I mean, you could donate them to ARC, but really, nobody wants your old family reunion t-shirt. Turn them into a quilt that you can keep forever and enjoy.

Email me today at You'll be glad you did.

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