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WIP's (Works in Progress)

I've been working on lots of little things. Like this Bronco Mondo bag:

I'd love to make more of these bags in all of the NFL fabric, but the fabric is for individual consumption only and not for commercial use. I may make more in team colors without the NFL fabric.

Also made my mother's friend Sonya a pillow from a square I made over two years ago. The design is from the 1980's by Emiko Toda Loeb:

Hobbes says, "call me unimpressed."

Making napkins for my kiddo's silent auction for drama:

Lastly, finishing up a t-shirt quilt for Drew & I, sort of a shared history quilt since we've been married. They make great gifts (hint, hint), they last a lifetime, and what are you going to do with all those old t-shirts anyway?

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